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17 Apr 2020

Lockdown Webinar Series - 2 Resolving household conflict during lockdown

This webinar took place on Friday 24 April 2020 from 12-12.30pm BST.

In this second webinar of our Looking After Your Mental Health During Lockdown Series, we looked out how to improve your ability to manage the conflicts that often arise in your household as a result of this ongoing lockdown. 

Participants will have learned:
  • some techniques to increase the likelihood of positive conflict resolution, such as how to improve communication and listening skills and how to avoid common pitfalls during arguments.
  • the best ways to compromise and respect boundaries in order to reduce the number of conflicts occuring and to improve satisfaction among all members of your household. 

Resources and links provided during this webinar

Webinar recording
If you registered for this event, you will receive a link to the recording automatically. If not, you can view the recording at the following location.

First Psychology’s Relationships Booklet (pdf) 
First Psychology’s CBT Booklet (pdf)
First Psychology’s Mindfulness Booklet (pdf)

Other resources
Conflict Resolution (pdf)
Communication Exercises (pdf)


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