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I can honestly say that you changed my life – I now know it is not me that is the ‘problem’ and give myself a break in a way I never thought I could.

I enjoyed the structure of the sessions. I have had counselling before, but really liked the way the CBT sessions took more of a focus.

Following the death of my husband I never thought I would feel hopeful for the future. Thanks again for all of your help.

It was really nice to feel supported by such a professional organisation. I particularly valued the help given to me by Noreen in booking the first session and during the various times I called to rearrange sessions. Nothing seemed too much for her, or for Kirsty. Say thanks to them for me. Cheers.

Maria was great – really friendly but also took no nonsense – which I very much needed!

I really appreciated the down to earth and practical approach Ewan took to helping me sort out my problems. I was worried about coming but now tell everyone to go and see him!