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Mindfulness therapy

Mindfulness therapy in Glasgow

Mindfulness therapy is based on the ancient practice of mindfulness. It is a very popular approach that can be extremely beneficial for people who are stressed, anxious or suffering from mood related issues.
We have many practitioners who work with clients using mindfulness techniques. We also offer mindfulness courses for people who wish to learn more about the theory and techniques involved in becoming more mindful.

Does mindfulness work?

Mindfulness can be extremely helpful in helping focus your mind on the immediate present. This process, with practice, allows you to recognise the wanderings of the mind as just thoughts, not reality. For example, your mind may have started wondering: “perhaps I can’t cope”, “that person doesn’t like me”, “I’m no good at that”, etc and these thoughts will lead to negative feelings such as anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, or regret. By letting these feelings pass through your mind freely and learning to accept them as just thoughts and nothing more, you can free yourself of the negative feelings that accompany them and learn to feel more peaceful and calm on a day to day basis. Indeed, research suggests that patterns of the mind actually change with the practice of mindfulness.

How will mindfulness be used in therapy?

How mindfulness approaches are brought into your therapy session will depend on your practitioner, their background and the issues you are working with. Some of our practitioners may work with you using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or an approach called mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), which is combination of mindfulness techniques and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

What can mindfulness do for me?

As you master mindfulness techniques you will realise how your mood is affected by your thoughts. Once you learn to accept your thoughts as simply thoughts, you will be able to achieve a sense of increased wellbeing and calm.

If you have any questions about mindfulness therapy or wish to book an initial session, please contact us.