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14 Oct 2022

Webinar: Men's Mental Health - Understanding and Helping Male Depression

This webinar took place on Thursday 20 October 2022, 12-12.45pm BST

Although people of any gender can experience depression, research has shown that men may experience it differently from women. While the primary symptom of depression for many is a feeling of sadness, men may have a higher tendency than women to feel anger, demonstrate aggressive feelings, and engage in substance abuse.

Due to the differences in experiences of depression, and because men are typically less likely to talk about and seek treatment for depression than women, many men may have undiagnosed depression. 

This webinar explores the emotional, behavioural, and physical signs of depression in men and look at what you can do to help yourself or others who may be struggling. 

Resources provided during this webinar

Webinar recording

If you didn't register prior to the event, the webinar recording can be viewed after the event via this link. If you registered for the webinar, you will automatically receive a link to view the recording within 48 hours of the webinar.


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