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Dr Emma Field

Counselling Psychologist and Psychological Coach

About Emma:
Works as Counselling Psychologist and Psychological Coach at First Psychology Centre, Glasgow.

Dr Emma Field is a counselling psychologist and psychological coach who is experienced in working with adults, couples, children (age 8+) and families. 

She works with a wide range of issues and problems including: depression, bi-polar and other mood issues; anxiety related issues such as phobias, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety, trauma / PTSD, panic, and health anxiety; relationship issues; anger management; stress; bereavment; insomnia; chronic health issues; low self-esteem; life transitions / purpose; self harm; self development; workplace issues; sexuality issues; and abuse and assault.

She has significant experience working with young people aged 8-16; working with adults with health related issues and chronic illness; working with adult survivors of childhood abuse; and a wide range of other issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Emma's way of working

Emma uses techniques from a variety of different approaches in her client work. She works in a person-centred way and combines this with techniques from other approaches such as cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness and coaching to suit each individual's requirements and preferences.

Emma also offers a range of coaching courses to clients.

Emma's background and training

Emma has experience working with young people and adults in a number of education establishments and has worked in guidance roles alongside families and psychologists as part of this. 

She has a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology; a Masters in Counselling and Guidance; and additional training in mindfulness, compassion and coaching. She is a qualified teacher. 

Emma is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). 

HCPD Registered

Emma's fee 

Emma charges £80 per session for self-funding clients (concessions available). She also works with clients referred via their employer/organisation – for further details, please visit First Psychology Assistance.