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Option 1: Coaching for anxiety reduction package

Stress and anxiety interfere with overall performance and wellbeing. This course includes five individual sessions with one of our coaching practitioners who will use a cognitive behavioural coaching approach to help clients reduce stress and anxiety.

Cost:  £374*.

Clients will be asked to examine their beliefs and their appraisal of situations to enable them to modify performance interfering and stress inducing beliefs. We will work with clients to help identify and develop action plans for the future. The ultimate goal of cognitive behavioural coaching for stress or anxiety is to help individuals become their own self-coaches and take forward the positive anxiety reducing thoughts and behaviours that are learnt through the sessions. Often anxiety is caused by incorrect underlying beliefs and thoughts. Coaching can help clients identify and modify these unhelpful anxiety creating thoughts. Learning to understand the impact thinking can have on wellbeing and recognising personal strengths can be useful tools for reducing anxiety. These are attainable through coaching.

Structure of cognitive behavioural coaching for anxiety

A course of five sessions (one every two weeks) is recommended for clients with anxiety and although tailored specifically to the individual client, the course schedule would look something like the example given here:

  • Session 1:  The first introductory session would outline the coaching process and the roles and responsibilities of both the coach and the client.
  • Sessions 2, 3, and 4:  Following the first session would be an in-between session assignment which would be used as the basis for the second session where the client’s desired outcomes for the sessions would be identified. This coaching agenda could then be used to select issues to work on during the remaining sessions. Different tools and techniques would be used to help the client identify and change thoughts and behaviours which are impeding potential and to help them understand and recognise any thinking errors they commonly make.
  • Session 5:  Finally there is a review session to consolidate what has been achieved and to plan how the client can move forward as their own self coach.

This course will help clients make small, but powerful, changes to the ways they think and feel. Clients will be able to replace negative and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs with more positive realistic and useful ones.

Further information

*Please note  we are only able to offer this price to individual self-funding clients.