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Option 3: Coaching for improved leadership package

Leading a team or group of individuals and helping your organisation flourish can be demanding. Coaching can help to identify your strengths as a leader and how to use these to your advantage at work. Perhaps you are new to leadership, are looking for promotion to a leadership post or just want to improve your game. Whatever stage you are at, coaching can help you to identify your leadership behaviours and help you to gain perspective. It can allow you to better use your skills and abilities to manage your direct reports and can lead to improvements in communication, leadership style and confidence. This course includes five individual sessions with one of our coaching practitioners.

Cost:  £374*.

Structure of coaching for improved leadership

A course of five sessions is recommended for clients and although tailored specifically to the individual client would look something like the example given here:

  • Session 1:  The first introductory session would outline the coaching process and the roles and responsibilities of both the coach and the client.
  • Session 2:  Following the first session would be an in-between session assignment which would be used as the basis for the second session where the clients desired outcomes for the sessions would be identified. At this second session a Wheel of Leadership tool would be used to help clients to see the comparative levels of satisfaction they have in different areas of essential leadership skills. This in combination with direct and challenging questions about your current leadership style and experience will allow the setting of a plan of action for the remaining sessions.
  • Sessions 3 and 4:  These would consist of choosing items from the client’s agenda to work on. Different tools and techniques are used to help the client identify and change thoughts and behaviours which are impeding their potential and leadership performance and to help them understand the impact their leadership style has on their subordinates and colleagues. Whether it involves working on a particular aspect of leadership such as dealing with conflict or on a more general aspect such as communication, small changes in behaviours and style can often have a large impact on leaders perceived behaviour, authority and competence.
  • Session 5:    Finally there is a review session to consolidate what has been achieved and to plan how the client can move forward and maintain the improvements to their leadership style. During this session the Wheel of Leadership tool would again be used and the client would be asked to reflect on the progress they have made.

Further information

*Please note  we are only able to offer this price to individual clients. For further information or to book this course, please  contact us