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Option 1: Coaching for career management package

Finding the right job or career in today’s economic climate can be very difficult. The average person spends 100,000 hours of their life at work, and from a very early age we are asked what we are going to ‘be’ when we grow up. Note the ‘be’ not ‘do’, which suggests that our jobs or careers form a large part of who we are. For these reasons it is important that we spend time thinking about which job or career is right for us. This course can allow you to identify and explore your key work values and motivators. The course includes five individual sessions with one of our coaching practitioners.

Cost:  £374*.

This course will help you to really manage your career either improving your satisfaction in the career you are already in or helping you identify steps forward if you are not currently satisfied at work or are currently unemployed. Career management through coaching can involve really finding out what kind of work you find most enjoyable, and depending on your current position in the job market it can involve: setting goals, achieving life/work balance, ensuring your job motivates you, finding ways to renegotiate your current job so it is more enjoyable, planning for retirement or major life change, discovering areas of work that you feel you really make a contribution in and realistically evaluating the difference between your ideal job and the current job market.

Structure of coaching for career management

A course of five sessions is recommended for clients, one session every two weeks, and although tailored specifically to the individual client would look something like the example given here:

  • Session 1:  The first introductory session would outline the coaching process and the roles and responsibilities of both the coach and the client. A baseline measurement of job satisfaction would be taken and work would begin on making explicit the key work or job values that are necessary for you to be satisfied at work.
  • Session 2:  Following the first session would be an in-between session assignment which would be used as the basis for the second session where the clients desired outcomes for the sessions would be identified. At this second session a combination of tools and techniques would be used to help clients to understand the importance of career planning and to examine the methods they have used so far. This will allow the setting of a plan of action for the remaining sessions.
  • Sessions 3 and 4:  These would consist of choosing items from the client’s agenda to work on. During these sessions different tools and techniques would be used to help the client manage their career. Depending on the current career stage these will differ. For example different tools will be used for those looking to increase job satisfaction in a current job than for those who are just entering the job market after full time education or a career break and again will differ from those used for clients facing redundancy or retirement. What they have in common though is helping clients gain a realistic and clear picture of what they want from their career and how to get it. Job motivators will be identified, client’s work values will be explored and their strengths and areas for development in terms of job skills will be investigated.
  • Session 5:  Finally there is a review session to consolidate what has been achieved and to plan how the client can move forward with their career plan.

Further information

*Please note  we are only able to offer this price to individual self-funding clients. For further information or to book this course, please  contact us